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Special thanks to Bally Total Fitness, a cooperative partner of Art of Anatomy

Art of Anatomy is a company founded by Shane to market his sculptures. His works are three-dimensional sculptures created from castings that have been molded directly from the human body, taking on all of the unique characteristics of each individual. Art of Anatomy is the inherent beauty of the human form. It is the power, grace and emotion that the human form evokes in the mind of the beholder.

Shane is the artist who creates these works and is the owner of the Art of Anatomy studio in Woodland Hills, California. His mission is to transform the human form into personal art for the enjoyment of all. He personally invites you to explore his world and hopes that you enjoy this site and make the decision to become involved in creating personal body sculptures for you and your loved ones!

It's her, it's him, it's them, it's you… and now it can be yours.