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Shane is a sculptor specializing in individual and unique body sculptures. Born in Hawaii, he currently resides in Southern California. His studio and the "Art of Anatomy" showroom are located in Woodland Hills, California.

Shane's artistic abilities started to blossom at a very early age receiving his first awards and artistic acclaim as far back as elementary school. Shane's artistic aptitude was cultivated through educational training in design crafts, woodworking, ceramics, painting, drawing and photography. His endeavors ulitmately led to his artistic expression through the medium of neon lighting. Shane became an official manufacturer of corporate neon signage for the 1984 Olympic Games. During the 16 years that he designed and manufactured neon signs, his company became an official licensee of Anheuser Busch for whom he designed neon pennants. He still holds the patent for the designs to this day.

Through the years, Shane's quest for artistic release continued and governed his direction, ultimately leading him to become a sculptor. As Shane started to create sculptures, he realized that all of his God given talents and life experiences came into clear focus.

"I am a sculptor first and foremost. I will live the rest of my days with the satisfaction of knowing that I am utilizing the best of my natural abilities."