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Welcome to the exciting realm of Art of Anatomy, Personal Body Sculptures by Shane. Imagine being able to create your own family heirloom, which can be handed down from you to your children, grandchildren and generations to come, forever memorializing a part of you!

A life casting, or "personal body sculpture" is a three dimensional plaster cast sculpted from your body, using medical quality gypsum plaster cloth or alginate of plaster.

The process begins with an initial one-on-one evaluation session with Shane. You make a casting selection of your "Art of Anatomy", including finish application and the mounting and display method.

There are a variety of finish applications available for your selection, including metallic paints such as bronze, copper, and silver. Other applications consist of acrylic paints, designs, marble and other faux finishes. Methods of display range from plexiglass encasement to pedestal bases of wood, marble, plexiglass and the like.


Depending upon your selection, some sculptures can be enhanced with illumination. Neon backlighting creates an aura of color and adds additional dimension to your personal body sculpture.

After your selection process, the sculpting phase begins and your entire sculpting experience is captured on video tape.

Next, an application of petroleum jelly is applied directly to the body which acts as a release agent allowing for the removal of the casting mold. The casting mold is then filled and sanded to perfection. Then and only then is your pre-selected finish applied to the surface of your sculpture. Once finished, a clear coat is applied to increase the beauty of the finish and preserve it's integrity.

Your personal body sculpture from "Art of Anatomy" is now ready for delivery!